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The UBCO Student Encampment

Published:  at 5:00 AM


As the Genocide in Gaza Continues, Students and Community Members Set Up Encampment at UBC Okanagan to Call for Divestment and Solidarity with Palestine.

UNCEDED SYILX/OKANAGAN TERRITORIES, KELOWNA - At 5 A.M., Monday May 13th, students and community members from the central Okanagan region set up an encampment, joining a growing number across what is known as Canada who are standing in solidarity with Palestine amid the ongoing genocide in Gaza. They are calling on the University of British Columbia to divest from Israel’s settler colonial occupation, ethnic cleansing and genocide of Palestinians, and to join a global academic boycott of Israeli universities. This action stands alongside thousands of students across so called Canada and the United States who are fighting for their educational institutions to divest from an apartheid state and ongoing genocide. Attendees stand in solidarity with those steadfast in resistance in Palestine, and demand the university publicly condemn the ongoing genocide in no uncertain terms.


Encampment and rally in solidarity with Gaza and Palestine. Members call for the University’s divestment from companies complicit in Israel’s ongoing occupation and genocide, academic boycott of Israeli universities, and public support for Palestine.


The University of British Columbia Okanagan, Courtyard


Further Information

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